5 Easy Steps to Learning English Faster!

5 Indispensable Ideas To Make Learning English Easier!

Learning a new language or skill can be a big challenge. It requires a combination of your commitment and discipline. Like Jim Rohn said, “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”. Below I have broken down the most important factors to tackling a new skill such as English.
You have to understand that learning any language will not happen overnight. A proper plan is required to make it fit into your life. It’s best to approach a large task, such as learning a new language, by breaking it up into smaller more palatable chunks of study. Regular lessons with daily practice will help to improve your fluency quickly. Think about using a planner or a calendar to lay out the daily tasks or lessons you wish to accomplish.
If you wish to improve the level of your English, you will need to increase your vocabulary. The new words you learn during your English lessons will need to be reviewed and remembered regularly in order to retain the information. Commit to yourself to learn at least five new English words a day. It would only take a few moments to open up the dictionary and search five words you’ve never heard before. There are many different techniques (link: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/vocabulary_tips.htm) you can try to increase your memory of vocabulary.
Reading is also a VERY good way to increase your vocabulary. You can find English reading materials at your level. First you will need to know your level. Once you know your level, you can goole various reading materials within that range to help you expand your repertoire.
Mistakes are an important part of the learning process, especially when learning a language. Linguists suggest that a learner who takes more risks learn the target language faster. The problem is knowing when you make a mistake! Because most of our friends or co-workers, won’t tell you when something doesn’t sound right. But, there are a few things you can do to help you identify when you make a mistake. You could enlist the help of a teacher, a tutor or even a friend who can help point it out when you make a mistake. Adults rarely make the same mistake twice, so know that when you make a mistake, you’ll probably never make that same one again. Think about it…make more mistakes…learn English faster! If you don’t make mistakes, you will not improve. Just learn to be more comfortable making mistakes. Sometimes language learning feels like a lesson in humility…you just have to get comfortable with it!
Don’t be among those students who just go to class carrying a notebook and return with the same ‘empty’ pages. You have to use the notebook during your lesson! Note-taking helps by keeping you alert and focused during class by giving you a physical task to do while listening. It also helps you to engage your mind. Making decisions about what the relevant or needed information helps you to sift thorough unnecessary information and retain only what you absolutely need. Note-taking also helps by forcing you to organize the information, thus giving more structure to the information and making it easier to recall information in the future. Understanding how new information is connected to the old is the mark of true intelligence. When you have spent the time writing down the highlights of the lecture or lesson, using them to study is so much more effective.
Do you want to learn English faster? Then, make it more interesting! There are lots of ways to do this. For example, you can pick a hobby or favorite activity. Whether it is music, fashion, travel, sports, or art. Try to read, write and think about that skill in English. It can be a magazine or read online. This will help by developing your interest level thus improvingyour English.
While you have a good number of ideas to improve on your learning, just remember you need to make this language a part of your life, i.e. something of what you do each day.
If you don’t have friends that speak native English, find a chat group online. There are so many places to practice English and get more exposure to the language.
I wish you all the best in reaching your English language learning goals!

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