Pronunciation Mini-Course

Jill · February 17, 2021

This course consists of 11 comprehensive pronunciation and fluency lessons that help the intermediate and advanced English learner to unlock the secrets to native-sounding English. This course is perfect for the learner who wishes to focus on some of most frustrating areas of English pronunciation and comprehensibility.

This course contains lessons on:

  1. The most common sound in the English language – the “schwa” sound
  2. The ‘th’ sound
  3. The international Phonetic Alphabet
  4. Properly pronouncing ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ — it’s not as easy as you think!
  5. -ed pronunciation – did you know there are 3 different ways we pronounce that suffix?
  6. Minimal Pairs practice
  7. Syllable stress in longer words / Reducing
  8. Syllable stress in numbers
  9. American ‘t’ pronunciation
  10. Inflection patterns 
  11. Thought groups – this is the pinnacle of English fluency!



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