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Hi there!

I’m Jill, the English teacher and creator of this English transformational journey.

I am so glad to help you on your journey to bigger and better English! I have worked with thousands of students from all over the world (seriously!) and I have learned that clear English pronunciation isn’t difficult, if you have all of the right tools.

  • You need a coach. You need someone who can hear specifically what problems you’re having and create experiences to shift it. And it doesn’t have to take long, but learning this from apps or YouTube is never going to change it.
  • There’s a specific, unique way to teach and learn English fluency. And if I could just spend a few minutes with you, I could show you some super simple ways to overcome your insecurity around this, and it would set you free.
  • There are simple exercises that give you the skills to fully function as a part of a business culture that are different than are taught in any text book. And there are ways of saying things that let people know you mean business.

So let’s do this! Join today and get ready to feel the confidence that all of those years of studying and practicing English should have given you but didn’t.

Let’s do this!
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We recommend you be at level
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All lessons are recorded and available to students from the
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Each class is roughly 50 minutes long.

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