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Lección 28: Grupos de pensamiento

Jill February 14, 2021

Today’s lesson covers thought groups and bringing the essence of fluency well into reach for you. Remember, that fluency is less about grammar or perfect pronunciation as it is a state of “being” within a language. 

Many people who have studied languages for a long time have described having to “find themselves” within the language. Think about that for a second…what does that actually mean?

It can mean many things to many different people but to me it means that you have to ‘find your groove’ with the language…finding your personality in a second language. 

It doesn’t mean a different YOU. You don’t have to give anything up of who you are…it’s about adding a new piece to your character. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences related to this concept. If you have had a similar experience before, please let me know! 

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