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Nivel A Gramática Lección 2: Sustantivos contables e incontables

Jill February 15, 2021


In this lesson you will learn how to distinguish between count and non-count nouns. This skill is critical for knowing how to properly pluralize words in English. For example, we do not say, “Please pass me three sugars.” We would identify a portion size of sugar to say, “Please pass me a cup of sugar.”

Things to remember:

  • Most nouns in English are countable meaning, you can simply add an ‘s’ or an ‘es’ depending on the final letter of the noun.
  • Some nouns can not be counted. Common non-countable nouns include liquids, some foods as well as some miscellaneous items, see below:liquids: beer,  juice, lemonade, milk, tea, water, wine
    food: butter, cheese, grain, meat, pepper, rice, salt, sugar, wheat
    miscellaneous: advice, furniture, hair, knowledge, luggage, money, news, pasta, progress, research, spaghetti, toothpaste

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