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Nivel A Gramática Lección 5: Presente progresivo

Jill February 15, 2021


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Present Progressive Tense:

We use the present perfect tense to talk about we are doing right now, in this moment. We do this by using the following construct:


  • I am learning English.
  • She is traveling to Aruba.
  • They are eating dinner.
  • He is building a deck.

This tense is used probably more often in English than the Simple Present which is different from other languages. We use the present continuous tense:

1. An action happening right now:

  • I am teaching an English lesson.
  • You are learning English.
  • Harry is washing his car.
  • Emily is walking her dog.
  • The baby is crying.
  • It is snowing right now.

2. To talk about something that is happening ‘roughly’ AROUND the time of speaking but not necessarily at that exact moment. This is an action that is in  progress but it hasn’t yet finished.

  • am reading a great book. (I might not be reading at this exact moment, but during this timeframe, I am reading the book and have not yet completed it.)
  • They are staying at a local hotel because the roof of their house was damaged during the storm.
  • Johnathon is learning Arabic. (He may not be learning in this moment but he is working daily on Arabic and has not yet achieved the mastery of it.)


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