Master Your

A Comprehensive English Pronunciation
& Fluency Course

You are only a few courageous moves away from the English breakthrough you are looking for! The Master Your Accent course is where you discover the pronunciation and fluency strategies that turn your English barriers into your career launchpad.

24/7 Access to Native Speakers

Flexible Learning Model

Personalized Lessons

100% Online Platform

an advanced system

We are here to help!

Introducing Master Your Accent: A Comprehensive Pronunciation & Fluency Course. A transformative 8-week program that doesn’t just hand you a map to English fluency and wave good-bye — it puts you right into the pilot’s seat of your own jet so you can move out of feeling stuck and onto achieving your personal, professional and financial goals

an advanced system

How does this work?

Every day Monday through Friday you will receive an email from me with video lessons, downloadable materials, homework, activities, helpful hacks and links to join our live calls. Weekends are for you to process and practice!

Live classes are taught on Zoom and will be recorded and posted in our Private Facebook Group in case you are not available to attend.

You’re brilliant and your colleagues aren’t completely convinced because your accent stands a little bit in the way.

If your English pronunciation were as stellar as your education and your credentials, then you would be at the top your field. However, whenever you sit in an important meeting, you’re hesitant to speak freely because you’re concerned about how you’ll be perceived.

You have so much more to offer the world. Your skills are endless, but you’re stuck figuring out how to fully express who you are in English.

The real question isn’t, How much will this cost me? The question IS, how much could I be making if I spoke better English? What would that manager job pay me if I hadn’t been overlooked for that job due to my English?

Time is your enemy! But English doesn’t have to be. Get off of the barely-getting-by train and fast track your confidence by finally investing in YOURSELF!

Studying English will open many doors for you!

Why should you choose us?

Guranteed Method

New and innovative method.
Personalized for each student

Schedule Flexibility

We offer a variety of times to join our LIVE lessons.

Teaching Materials

Scientifically developed. The optimal
formula for learning English

Certified Instructors

Native English-speaking teachers who specialize in accent training.

Use of technology

Our classes are easy-to-access and improve your fluency anytime, anywhere!

TOEFL preparation

The Master Your Accent program
prepares you for the TOEFL exam.

What happens after I purchase?

1.You will immediately receive a confirmation and welcome email and information including:

  • The link to download Zoom if you don’t already have it.
  • The code to enter into our private Online Community 
  • Instructions to access our full course library 

2. Your first lesson will begin the Monday after you purchase!

3. You will receive emails with videos, practices, lessons and links to join live classes every day, Monday through Friday. 

4. Sit back, relax and enjoy the transformation! 

Check out some sample lessons
from this course!

Here is what you will learn
in this 8-Week Course:

More Than Just Courses,
We are Here to Help you
on Your Journey!

Our Online community was built with English Learning in mind. Connect with Native English teachers and learners from all around the world!

Hello and Welcome!

Don't wait any longer!

Are you ready to be a CONFIDENT English speaker?

Anyone who wants to learn or improve the English language, regardless of age or level of English. Remember that you only need to invest at least 3 hours a week

Hi there!

I’m Jill, the English teacher and creator of this English transformational journey.

I am so glad to help you on your journey to bigger and better English! I have worked with thousands of students from all over the world (seriously!) and I have learned that clear English pronunciation isn’t difficult, if you have all of the right tools.

  • You need a coach. You need someone who can hear specifically what problems you’re having and create experiences to shift it. And it doesn’t have to take long, but learning this from apps or YouTube is never going to change it.
  • There’s a specific, unique way to teach and learn English fluency. And if I could just spend a few minutes with you, I could show you some super simple ways to overcome your insecurity around this, and it would set you free.
  • There are simple exercises that give you the skills to fully function as a part of a business culture that are different than are taught in any text book. And there are ways of saying things that let people know you mean business.

Imagine coming out of your next meeting feeling like you absolutely nailed it. How would that feel? You know it would be life-changing…you would walk differently.

So let’s do this! Join today and get ready to feel the confidence that all of those years of studying and practicing English should have given you but didn’t.

Let’s do this!
But hurry…Space is limited!

What’s Included..

Personalized Pre- and Post- Pronunciation Assessment to determine your specific needs and measure your progress.   

(taught via Zoom) where we discuss your questions, challenges and a quick lesson to practice what you’ve been learning the classes.

Lifetime access to all of Video Lessons that are sent straight to your inbox day-by-day  

Lifetime access to our Exclusive Facebook Group with direct guidance and check-ins with Native English teachers whenever you need it

Specifically designed Homework and Activities to help accelerate your learning  

Access to our Online Course Library that includes hundreds of hours of video lessons on literally every English language topic you can imagine! 


Frequently Asked Questions

The first week will be September xx and runs for 8 weeks.

You will receive emails from me every day, Monday through Friday with lessons, activities, supporting materials and on Fridays we get together in a small group to go over questions, do a lesson and practice what you’ve learned that week.

It doesn’t matter. You will have lifetime access to all of the materials so you can truly go at your own pace.

Not to worry…we will post the lessons in our exclusive Facebook group feed so you can watch when you have the time.

As with any new skill, there is a direct correlation to the amount of time and effort you put in to the outcome you are seeking. This means that the more you commit to doing the work, the quicker and better you will master the skill.

You can use credit card, debit card, PayPal or Apple Pay. If you require a different payment options, please reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss further.

If you have any issue during our course and need to discontinue your work with us, you can request a refund.


This course is probably NOT for you if:


Don’t have the time to dedicate to their future.

Won’t make their goals a priority

Don’t have an Intermediate or Advanced level of English


This course IS for you if:

You want to accomplish all of your goals…fast!

You are someone who is fully committed to making an easy shift in their lives

You thrive when you have a coach and accountability

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