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Hi, I’m Jill Singer.

Master’s Level English Teacher

I am an English teacher with more than 20 years of experience teaching  students from all over the world. I am passionate about helping students meet their English goals. 

Many of my students live in parts of the world that don’t allow them the opportunity to practice English in order to improve. So, I decided to fill in the gap my students had and provide the ultimate solution for English language learners worldwide. 

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What Level is Your English??

It is critical for your English progress to know what level your English is. There are many online tests, but YOU are your best assessor! Check out the chart below to determine your level and then make a plan to improve it!


Let’s hear from Go English Coach students:

Studying pronunciation is so important for many reasons. The first is the your talking will be more understandable. Also, there are some identical words in their spelling but their pronunciation is different, for example, luck, look, and lock. About Miss Jill, she is so helpful. She is good. She really wants all of her students to be good at English. —Bruna, Brazil

Jill is an amazing teacher, l learned a lot from her and she helped me a lot to improve my speaking skills.Ahmed, Sudan

Jill is the best teacher I’ve ever met before! Don’t miss her English classes. Nora, Mexico

Jill Singer has the years of study and experience in the teaching of English as a second language. She speaks well. She speaks clearly. Her lessons will help anyone who wants to improve their skills in speaking English. Thomas, USA

Jill is the best teacher I have ever had (serious!). She takes the time to really get to know her students,I was not shy when I spoke in her classes because she really made me feel comfortable. I learned a lot in Jill’s pronunciation course. She knows a lot about the English language and delivers the material in a very easy-to-learn way. I still remember when she told us to record our presentation, and when I saw it again, I could see how much I improved my pronunciation. Ahmed, Saudi Arabia


Have Questions? We are here to help!

Go English Coach offers a variety of lessons and courses to help you on your English journey. 

How does this work?

First, choose the level of participation you would like (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum). Then, click the button to enroll in that level.

What do I need to enroll?

You will need access to strong internet, a computer or device with a camera and microphone (most have this), a strong commitment to your English goals, and a willingness to learn and collaborate. 

How long does it take to Speak fluent English?

As with all learning of a new skill, the amount of success you achieve is relative to the effort and commitment you make to achieving that goal. That means, the more you practice, the faster your results will be. To learn more about what it takes to become a fluent speaker, read here.

How do I pay?

This site is a membership site. That means that you will be charged each month for the right to access your specific level of membership and its benefits. You may cancel at anytime.

What level of English do I need to have?

At this point in time, GoEnglishCoach courses are designed for the upper intermediate to advanced English student. Levels B2/C1/C2 specifically. If you wish to test yourself to find out your level of English, click here to take a free level test.

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